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I have been an avid photographer since the 1960’s. Like most people who grew up with film photography, I have made the move to digital which provides more opportunities for learning than using slide film and sending it away for processing. With digital, the process has only just begun once the photo is taken. After capturing an image, the question then becomes,  "which processing software do I use?" You must also keep up with software and hardware advances and advances in camera & lens technology. Lastly, learning how to present images on a website is key to sharing your work with the world. 

I have always believed that life is an ongoing IQ test and that any day I can learn something is a good day; digital photography and processing has provided many “good days” for me. 

I have always enjoyed the juxtaposition of light and dark, soft and hard (and the edges they create). This juxtaposition of light has recently led me towards night photography and Blue Hour photography.

If I had to pick the kind of country I like best it would have no fences, no people and a lot of fresh air. I have had the very good fortune in life and work to travel to many of these kinds of places, and these are the places I have photographed more than any others. I will include some of my personal favorites here for you to peruse. I enjoy unpredictable things in life, particularly humor. Sometimes a photo really can say a thousand words, especially if it is humorous. 

If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so at this email address:      

This website is not intended to be a commercial venture, however, prints of these photos can be purchased by contacting Neil Bennett.

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